Telecoms Opportunities and Qualifications

Telecoms Consultancy

Telecoms consultancy is “The service provided to business in identifying and investigating the development of it’s Telecommunications systems, recommending appropriate action and helping to implement recommendations.” This may be provided through a management consultancy company or often through independent freelance professionals working directly with their client.

Telecoms consultants may advise on:

Traditional fixed line telecommunications, data communications, mobile & wireless technologies, plus convergence topics such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and for voice calling, TV and mobile.

Basic Telephony
– Transmission
– Switching
– Signaling
– Digital Networks and the influence of ISDN

– Data networking & Internet Protocols (IP)

– Mobile networks including GSM, GPRS, UMTS
– Converged Networks including Voice over IP and Triple Play Services

– Business advantages and best practices associated with these technologies

Many Consultants will identify the best communications strategy for organisations large and small or work in large development project in this fast changing industry.

To be successful Telco consultants need an understanding of where the Telco market is developing in the future. The protocols used as well as providing examples of the business potential for such new infrastructures.

The next generation of telecommunications networks will deliver broadband data and multimedia services to users over a common Multi-Service Infrastructure. Circuit switched voice services will replaced with IP packet switched infrastructures that will carry TV, video multi-media and Voice over IP. Streams of real time media will be switched between gateways under the control of call servers and media gateway controllers.  The key to this new soft-switch technology will be the protocols that run between the Media Gateway Controllers and the switched core. The heart of the service will be IP running over MPLS and Gigabit Ethernet or SDH.

Successful consultants will understand and:

– Consider the business potential for current and future services
– Summarize architecture and technology options for Multi-Service Networks
– Identify the key technologies for core, access and infrastructure
– Examine benefits and limitations of SDH, ATM, IP, VoIP and Media Distribution
– Provide an understanding of likely future service demands

To work in this field into this field you need established specialist skills highlighted as part of your “personal brand” which you can offer to client organisations. You will need strong analytical and communication skills, confidence, determination and a strong interest in business. Above all you need sound proven commercial experience to work as a contractor.

Employment opportunities

Include large telecommunications providers BT Nokia etc, specialist consultancy firms, and IT consultancies, plus large corporate clients that need to develop and manage and implement  their own telecommunications strategy. However many opportunities exist working directly with organisations, small or large, private or public, as an Independent Freelance Telco Consultant.

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