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Interim Manager / Consultant Opportunities and Qualifications

Management consultancy is “The service provided to business, public and other undertakings by an independent person…in identifying and investigating problems concerned with policy, organisation, procedures and methods, recommending appropriate action and helping to implement those recommended.” This may be provided through a management consultancy company or often through independent freelance professionals working directly with their client.

Management consultants may advise on: organisational structure and development; production management; marketing, sales and distribution; personnel management and selection; systems analysis and design, and economic and environmental studies.

Interim Managers  are “ Experts in their specialist field who can provide  managerial services to organisations in the Large enterprise private sector, to SME’s, in the public sector (where the need to manage change has never been greater) and the not for profit sector.

It is not easy to get into this field as you need established specialist skills highlighted as part of your “personal brand” which you can offer to client organisations. You will need a strong academic background; good numeracy, analytical and communication skills, confidence, determination and a strong interest in business. Above all you need sound proven commercial experience demonstrating both specialist and general management or consulting skills. Normally a professional qualification in your field is needed with evidence of being both a team player and that of adopting a flexible approach to your work and working practices.

PROFILE: Management Consultant

INVOLVES: The service provided to business, public & other undertakings by an independent person in identifying & investigating, problems concerned with policy, organisation, procedures & methods, recommending appropriate action & helping to implement those recommended. Working with all kinds of business to enhance their short – term or long – term performance. Projects may last anything from 1 month – 1 year. Management consultants may advise on: organisational structure & development, production management, marketing, sales & distribution, personnel management & selection, systems analysis & design, economic & environmental studies.
EMPLOYERS: strategic consulting firms, software consultancies, divisions of accounting firms.
RELATED JOBS: Freelance consulting & contracting work direct to client companies often provided via a recruitment company who will require you to use an umbrella company or have your own PSC.
SATISFACTIONS: Varied work, important jobs, good pay, excellent career enhancement.
NEGATIVES: Long hours, pressure, and little support: need to be independent & self – motivated. Primarily based in London. A few vacancies in chartered accountants’ management consultancy divisions in other large cities. Much travelling is likely to be involved on assignments to clients, both in the U.K. & overseas.
SKILLS: spoken & written communication, analysing, investigating, persuading. Personal qualities required: good academic record, flexibility.


Employment opportunities 

include specialist consultancy firms, management consultancy divisions of chartered accountancy firms (see above) and IT consultancies such as Logica and Accenture. However many opportunities exist working directly with organisations, small or large, private or public, as an Independent Freelance Interim manager or Interim Consultant.

Generally the most common professional fields are:

Accounting, Finance and IT interim managers – BITE’s specialist area of professional engagement.

Project Management / Change management – where a specific project or task needs completing.

Service Delivery Management – where a defined Customer relationship management experience (CRM) needs defining and delivering.

Procurement and Logistics – Describes the purchasing, supply and distribution industry both internationally and within the UK. This involves all aspects of the supply chain from raw materials to the end product.

H.R. / Reward and re-numeration – Organisations need HR/Personnel professionals for one off projects for recruitment, reward, re-numeration and contractual employment  packages.

Marketing and Communications – Requirements range from brands management, department company marketing, market research, to advertising and P.R.  Also needed are specialist in the retail and sales industry.

General Management /Department Head – Interim roles are regularly needed where outsiders can step in and meet an immediate organisational management need.

Engineering – Design engineers with CAD skills, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and surveyors are all needed in the Building, Transport, Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries for their specialist skills.

Administrative and Organisational – A wide range of requirements exist from medical and legal administrators, Senior PA’s, Project co-ordinators and skilled technical administration specialists.

Public sector- Never has the need with public sector cuts been greater for Interim Managers / Consultants to work in this sector to help manage the change that is needed. This includes Central government, government advisory bodies, Local government and the N.H.S. and associated services. Pressure on head count will mean the right freelancers will desperately be needed.

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