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Membership – Grow your Income, Develop your Contracting Career and stay compliant with BITE Compliance!

Contractors completing the “Contractor 10 Step training Programme” and commencing their first contract with BITE receive 3-6 months complimentary membership (depending on the contract term). After this membership is available for £100 per month.



Following the Intermediaries Legislation 2014, Reporting Requirements April 2015 and HMRC’s legislation on IR35 in the Public Sector (April 2020 extended to the Private sector), compliance is NOW A MAJOR TOPIC! HMRC has firm plans to extend the legislation into the private sector compliance is now critical! Using the BITE Job search  compliance portal can save you thousands of pounds in tax and bills from HMRC. Firstly accept your contract after checking it, secondly complete the work place assessment and read the contract log which you can complete. Also complete the HMRC CEST assessment tool discuss this with BITE. Finally send your time sheets or work progress sheets in to Theresa via the portal with a statement that states that your working conditions have not changed since your initial or last working conditions assessment.

Please remember: to send your time sheets in promptly. It is essential that time sheets and expenses forms are received in Bagshot as indicated, without these NO PAYMENT CAN BE MADE. Please Scan and email in your signed time sheets and upload into the BITE Portal which will forward the timesheets to Theresa@biteconsulting.co.uk .  Please note each time sheet must be accompanied by a statement stating whether your working conditions have changed since your contract assessment and if so how. In the contractor portal: BITEsuppport.co.uk  is a range of compliance info to help you. BITE cannot make payments without a compliant contract and working conditions assessment and authorised time sheets or work progress statement.

See Payment schedule, expense forms and time sheets at the bottom of the page.

Is your contract coming to an end?

Do you want to get back into work quickly? Members do you want YOUR CV updated for free! Do you know how we could help you? Have you / do you wish to make use of our Job seeker mobile portal? Would you like to be paid half your basic pay while you search for a job? Are going to be paid what your worth? Do you know your market value?

Why not ask and become a BITE Gold Member and gain a full career review with our mentors and the opportunity to obtain subsidised training with hundreds of E-learning courses and qualification opportunities- available to members on their second and subsequent contracts with all the usual member benefits.

Let us know, so that we can re-distribute your CV and pass on any contracting opportunities to you.  Make sure you send us your updated CV with details of your last contract. Please send details to Aneta, OR contact Rhona or Theresa.

BITE Membership Opportunities

1.Membership is available to anyone at £100 per month plus VAT. (Gold members gain 25% discounts and new BITE Contractors gain 3 months complimentary membership).

a) This provides free PAYE Supply service / umbrella payroll services to anyone who has found a contract independently!

b) The setting up of a limited company free of charge and the provision of a business bank account within 5 working days. (subject to the banks approval). Please note your limited company will require a qualified accountant to complete the books and statutory returns and they will charge a monthly or annual fee for this.

c) The use of BITE’s serviced offices to work from 9.30am-5.00pm and use as a business address.

d) A range of support using BITE’s services are available for current BITE Members these include the new BITE Job search and compliancy portal, plus free CV upgrade, plus BITE TV remote training plus, discounted Tax Investigation Insurance , telephone advice helpline 07704 776982, one free contract assessment, Contract administration and compliance service, referral Incentive scheme £250 per person introduced to BITE (Includes additional £50 uplift for members) and a range of benefits from our suppliers.

Discount opportunities are then offered to members who are awarded, Gold Membership, on a range of BITE’s Training or Contractor Career management development services.

2. Gold Membership: £100 per month Provides 25% discount on BITE’s services.

Full face to face mentor support. Gold membership is available to those who successfully complete and graduate from the Job search training programme and attained their first contract with BITE working for at least 120 Days and are looking to commence or have attained their second contract. Members receive free help and advice on the UK Contract market from their mentor, use of the BITE JOB SEARCH & COMPLIANCE PORTAL with it’s mobile capabilities, plus all the usual benefits and BITE’s help line and our network of contacts.

Gold Membership is an upgrade for existing loyal Members who elect to pay £100 per month membership in return for reduced service fees. Includes all the member benefits plus Career development opportunity available to BITE members on their second or subsequent contract having successfully completed the job search mentoring programme and at least one contract with BITE, includes subsidised training, mentoring  and development opportunities all at  10% margin discounted to 7.5% and contract administration and compliance services at 5% (only as not discounted and not including PAYE pension costs).



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Utilise the fantastic Contractor Career Development opportunity with Career Discussion and Full Career Review, Includes, Rate negotiation and market advice, CV personal branding update, CV Marketing, Career mentor and progress review, formal training needs analysis, refresher job search training, up to £500 of subsidised external Training PLUS hundreds of pounds of internal management development training, plus BITE job search portal and database modules Convenient 10% maximum contract fee discounted by 25% (not including any PAYE Pension costs). Available for invited members includes all BITE member benefits. Career advice line free on 0207 766 5272 Contract law and legal advice Initial advice free Contract checking compliance & administration service with  Contract log and IR35 support service. Client credit checking service-free Credit control service ensuring and insuring your payment Client bad debt bonding insuring a month’s pay guarantee Professional indemnity insurance for £2 million enhancing contractor’s personal £250k insurance. Visa support with free initial advice and referral to professional expert.


Complementary Membership provided during the period of their first BITE contract.

Complete our Full job search service learning how to effectively market and sell themselves and negotiate rates and stay compliant. Membership provides use of job search database and Compliance portal.

Includes Contract safety net compliance and administration service.

Opportunity to earn £250 per referred contractor who successfully works 6 weeks or more. Full contract support for PSC or PAYE payroll.

Qualifying for membership

BITE Membership-  Candidate contractors who sign up with BITE receive their first BITE contract (working at least ONE or more contracts for 65-120 days successfully honouring their contract terms )are awarded BITE Membership for 65-120 days on a complimentary basis.They can then pay the subscription to become a “BITE Gold Star Member” and gain the 25% on all products and services purchased from BITE. They can also choose to progress on to the contractor career development programme with it’s training subsidies.

Gold Membership-  Is available for £100 per month to existing BITE members or BITE contractors who have worked on 1 or more contracts of between 65-120+ days through BITE and are on their second or subsequent contract through BITE or about to commence it. They can access a full range of training programs and courses, consisting of external courses subsidised by 50% up to £500 and internal development workshops depending on individual needs. Provided together with a Full job search coaching service provided at 7.5% (25% discount from normal 10% ). Additionally “BITE Gold members” receive a 25% discount on all products and services purchased from BITE.

Platinum Membership- A special status given to contractors with 10+ years with BITE with nomination and sponsorship by a BITE Director or Manager providing all the benefits of gold star status plus 100% service discount and the provision of a manager or BITE Director as your personal mentor.


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BITE T.V.- Available to all paid up members free of subscription via the London resource centre (ask Aneta or Theresa)

We have created this portal to help you not only perform brilliantly at interview but also to help you grow in confidence in your new career. 
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Contract Administration forms: to download and use.

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