UK Visa Support Services

Do you need support regarding your work status and right to work in the UK?

If you are an employee or prospective employee of BITE we will give you as much help as we can. The help we can offer will vary according to personal circumstances. Note that we are not a Visa Services company and can only offer you general advice about Visa types and the UK contracting market.

a) Tier 5 ( Youth Mobility visa )

Work longer in the UK via BITE using our visa support services!We can support your application via our associates Britbound and pay the bill!


We can ensure you smoothly gain your Tier5 visa with help from our associates and cover the costs if you choose to work for us.

The new visa regulations allow holders to do two years work. However prospective employers have become very wary of employing Tier 5 holders where they have less than six months left on the visa. At BITE we help overcome this objection by:

  • Explaining the regulations to prospective employers and clients.
  • Offering Tier 2 sponsorship via associate companies for those who wish to stay longer than 2 years and qualify. Also reassuring clients who might wish to engage you during your second year of the visa. 
  • Indemnifying employers and reassuring them that they are protected from any inadvertent breach of the visa regulations.
  • Explaining how the Tier 5 (two year holiday working) visa holders with the right skills may extend their stay in the UK legally.
  • Contact our associates directly (but do let us know so we can be sure that you are reimbursed.                                              Paid for visa package

b) Tier 2 Sponsorship (work permit)

The IT Consultancy market is suffering from a shortage of skills and Tier 2 sponsorship is back on the table for a 2-5year period working in London and the south east. However this is only for employers who need candidates where they cannot find a UK or EU national to fill the role.

For candidates with the right skills needed in the UK and in relatively short supply candidates can seek out advertisements placed by employers seeking their skills who are a licensed sponsor company who are willing to offer the right candidate a job. Some Category A rated Sponsors offer opportunities to work as permanent consultants in the IT Industry.

Whatever any one promises a UK company can only sponsor someone if they are a Licensed sponsor with UK  Border and Immigration and that they can prove that there is a genuine shortage of skills that the candidate has and can can bring to the UK labour market.This is known as the resident labour market test. A rated licensed sponsors can’t just sponsor anyone. Candidates must have skills that are in short supply in the UK and the licensed sponsor and candidate have to prove that is the case and that there is no suitable UK/ EU qualified candidates available.

You can check the list of sponsor companies from the link below:

 c) Tier 1 (Highly Skilled Migrant Visa)

Although limited by the UK Government at the moment. For certain highly skilled candidates (always now graduates with rare commercial skills) BITE may assist in facilitating this visa via a job offer of employment either through our network of clients or within our sister company subject to a successful job visa application. Such applications may be fast tracked enabling quick turnaround times. Previously known as HSMP or HSMV.

Whatever any one promises a UK company can only sponsor someone if they are a Licenced sponsor with UK  Border and Immigration. BITE who are a Category A rated sponsor and some of their clients are licensed sponsors.

You can check the list of sponsor companies from the link below:

d) Leave to remain or pre-entry clearance

For candidate/contractors working or agreeing to use BITE’S services we will source assistance in the professional completion of this application and help avoid mistakes when applying for entry or the right to remain in the UK.

e) Post Study Work Visa

Some ex- UK students (ex- student visa holders) currently working on a post study work visa in the UK can be helped to transition their visa into a Tier 2 or a Tier 1 visa provided they have the right skills and a flexible approach to their work.

N.B. Please note BITE is not a visa agency nor does it make a financial gain through assistance on the provision of visas nor is it a registered UK Government OISC agency. Support is provided to existing or prospective employees and their families and friends. Any other persons should seek professional advice from a solicitor or a registered OISC visa agency.

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No Job no Training costs guarantee disclaimer: Under the 10 step job search program, we can’t help you get a job unless you regularly visit our offices, attend coaching and mentoring sessions, utilising the support provided to you. We work face to face with real people and you must work with us to help you. If then you don’t gain a job in the agreed time having attended the whole 10 step career coaching programme and used our job search database correctly we won’t charge you a penny and will refund the cost of any training you have undertaken that we have advised you to invest in!

The Three Day CV Marketing Personal Brand Plan does not carry a no job no training costs guarantee.

However If you purchase one of our training modules separately, attend and are not satisfied with it we will refund your money.

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BITE is not a visa or employment agency.