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BITE has a range of training modules that can affordably be purchased individually to help hone your contract job search skills plus a testing suite that can test and verify your skills. Most of these are available at a discount to BITE members but can be purchased individually by non members. In addition the new BITE Career Development service is available to BITE contractors on their second or subsequent contracts with the opportunity to use BITE TV and free training and development opportunities. See the UK Contracting tab, the IT Contracting sub tab and the IT Training and Qualifications  second sub tab / page for more details. IT’s a real career opportunity for all people who become a BITE Contractor!

The Training and testing services allow individuals the opportunity to buy a specific element of our job search coaching program if they don’t want the whole experience as well as allowing them to provide proof of their expertise.

Simply, you purchase from a range of training modules 1-10 and from a range of on line tests. These tests are the same type as many agencies use and you can develop your skills at taking these tests to improve pour performance prior to assessment.We can assess your personality or your skills helping you make the right career decisions for you.

Major benefits include, better interview opportunities, improved interview results and correct career decisions made from knowledge not just emotion.

BITE’s Contractor Training Modules

Module number PAY Price Training subject Objectives
1 £250 +VAT CV, Internet Registration and Cover Letters Produce a ‘Killer CV’ that is optimised for the Internet and recruitment databases. Establish your ‘Personal Brand’ by identifying key words for your job search. Create customised cover letters for efficient applications
2 £750 +VAT Applying for Jobs+3 months portal usage Manage your job search effectively using the BITE job seeker database. Start applying for jobs efficiently. Make follow up calls and talk to agents to communicate your strengths and availability – reinforce your ‘Personal Brand’
8 £750 +VAT Initial Review plus 2 Further Reviews Assess your progress so far. Opportunity to ask questions regarding your experiences so far. Ensure you have access to all the information necessary to support your job search.
4 £500 +VAT Telephone Application-Theory Introducing the three tier approach to getting a job, and accessing the hidden job market. Understand how to apply to companies direct and fixed term contracts. Telephone techniques, interview and application planning.
3 £750 +VAT Telephone Skills – Practical Understand how to and then practice identifying, planning and communicating your strengths, skills, experience and circumstances over the telephone so that you are memorable and get the most out of every phone call.
5 £250 +VAT  Telephone Skills – Practical Build on your personal strengths. ‘Bring your application to life’ by illustrating your experience with examples. Role playing telephone calls.
6 £500 +VAT Networking Maximise the use of various networking skills to build a robust social and professional job search network of contacts to help you access the hidden job market now, and in the future. Fortnightly online assessments for 2 months
7 £500 +VAT Interview Training Gain the skills to plan for and execute the interview you want to give so that you can perform confidently and effectively, face to face, at every interview opportunity. Includes 3 interview plan reviews.
9 £500 +VAT Half Day Job Search Workshop Designed to update you on the current jobsearch market and examine your approach to it to find success.
10 £250  +VAT Contract management check your contract Credit check and contract check for UK Contract law, IR35, MSC, AWR any strange or unfair clauses includes Independent check. Provide contract log with invoice.

Purchase- all can be purchased separately in advance via electronic fund transfer.

The whole job search training programme can be purchased for £4000+vat with a down payment of £2000+vat and the remaining £2000+vat when you gain a job.

Alternatively get on line support via BITE Compliance TV and Get Access now for only £14.95! 

Social Media Marketing and P.R for Contractors

Learn to Network and access the hidden job market-get into and back into work quicker!

Social networking has established itself in modern society as a valuable and fun communication tool whereby many people remain in touch or network with each other.

Over 80% of professionals between the ages of 18 and 40 now use Social networking tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and Youtube 3-4 times per week. However very few people have been able to leverage Social Networking in order to enhance their career opportunities.

At BITE since December 7th 2009 Social Networking has been established as a fundamental tool of each candidates job search, with each candidate developing their Social Network Marketing plan.

The Standard for professionals in the UK is LinkedIn and the use of a well defined complete profile. 80% of your Social network work should go into working with your profile and image on this site. However it is also vital to harness the benefits of Facebook the biggest website in the world and maximise the benefits of Google cost effectively. Many candidates see a real conflict of interest between Social Networking and Professional networking with the former only offering to damage their chances of attaining employment. In fact used correctly Social networking can massively enhance each individual’s chances of finding work.

Professional networking has long been established as a useful tool to enhance your career with and this can now be developed within the context of Social Media into an incredibly powerful tool to access the hidden job market with. Over 50% of all contract work is now attained through networking and with Social networking each contractor can quickly see the benefits of their work and access work within the hidden job market that is not advertised.

At BITE we have built Social network training into our coaching programme. Additionally we offer free Social Networking evening seminars to help established contractors enhance their position and offer social networking training sessions for all candidates looking for a contract role.

BITE OFFER CAREER ADVICE so that you can make the right decision for your personal circumstances and backs this up with the opportunity of qualified independent accountancy, financial and legal advice on your contract, employment, financial, pension and visa services. BITE provides PAYE supply services, all PSCs must be incorporated via a firm of qualified / chartered accountants.

Find out more about BITE Compliance – Send in your CV

No Job no Training costs guarantee disclaimer: Under the 10 step job search program, we can’t help you get a job unless you regularly visit our offices, attend coaching and mentoring sessions, utilising the support provided to you. We work face to face with real people and you must work with us to help you. If then you don’t gain a job in the agreed time having attended the whole 10 step career coaching programme and used our job search database correctly we won’t charge you a penny and will refund the cost of any training you have undertaken that we have advised you to invest in!

The Three Day CV Marketing Personal Brand Plan does not carry a no job no training costs guarantee.

However If you purchase one of our training modules separately, attend and are not satisfied with it we will refund your money.

BITE Compliance covers: IT Contracting London UK, IT Consulting London UK, IT Contract work London, IT contract Jobs London, Temporary IT work in London, Temporary IT Jobs in London, working with Freelance Interim Consultants for professional jobs.

BITE also offers: Contractor marketing and advertising services, CV Marketing services,  with how to write an IT Contract CV to produce a Killer contract CV with, IT CV templates and IT CV examples. Your Jobsearch in our London office provides access to the hidden contract job market, career coaching for contractors, and contractor career management services, fast path skills testing, interview training and CV personal branding.

BITE is not a visa or employment agency.

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