CV Personal Branding Service – fully optimised IT Contract / Interim CV’s or permanent job based CV’s for any UK Industry

Would you benefit from a killer IT Contract CV or Interim CV engineered to boost your CV for any database or job searches?   Why not watch our video below!

BITE’s CV Service will help produce (for a £250 fee or free if you contract with us!) an outstanding CV for your Industry which will promote you and your skills to maximum effect. We will optimise your CV to perform and rank you as high as possible in all relevant job or contract searches whether automated electronic searches or “adhoc” human. Maximise your chances and find the right job, have a CV that’s powerful, make sure you stand out from the crowd. Establish your “personal brand” through an effective CV using our IT Contract CV, IT CV Templates, IT CV examples and Interim reference CV’s. WHY NOT SUBMIT YOUR CV NOW?

CV Personal Branding – £250+vat

Offering: “Personal Branding, Development, Verification & Accreditation for Contractors”

  1. BITE provides a killer specialist IT CV for the IT contract market and Interim CV for general contracting and interim freelance markets. It is vital to position you with your own Personal Brand. This usually takes 2-3 days face to face contact work to produce a specialist CV for the contract and interim market. Each CV is optimised for skill searches on recruitment and H.R. databases and for Google searches on the net.

Additional personal job seeker training testing and development may be purchased individually.

  1. Interview training is provided to secure that vital job. This ranges from an initial 2 hour module and producing an interview plan, to detailed questioning and dummy interviews with video feedback.
  2. Telephone ‘selling’ training on how to secure interviews by presenting yourself correctly. Vitally important to secure the interview.
  3. Network training on how to network in order to access positions in the hidden job market. Using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google, plus a range of other useful sites.
  4. A range of skill and competency tests can all be arranged as suited to your skills, some for free others for cost price.
  5. BITE TV our on line video career coaching and training system available to subscribers on a monthly basis.

CV personal branding and marketing work £250 plus VAT with face to face help and advice Other Module Prices range from £250 a module upwards.

  • Killer IT CV or Interim CV to establish your ‘Personal Brand’
  • Telephone “personal brand” selling to secure interviews
  • Interview training to secure that job
  • Testing and Training services- key skills and competencies
  • Networking techniques to access the ‘hidden job market’
  • Marketing & advertising service for contractors to 3000+ clients

We ensure that you produce your UK specialist contract CV with the face to face assistance of one of our specialist career councillors so that you understand your CV inside out and that it gives a true and relevant reflection of you! You can then have the opportunity of backing it up at interview, maximising your chances of landing the perfect job!

IT CV Template and Interim CV Examples for UK Contracting

Its important to understand exactly which type of job you are looking for, and where you are conducting your job search. Our careers advisers and CV specialists will then be able to choose the best template structure to utilise and present your skills in the best way. They will show you how to write your “KILLER CONTRACT CV”. Remember that CV’s are not always read by people, often scanners automatically read your CV and fill your skills set into a database. With BITE’s many years of experience in CV writing we are able to produce a suitable contract CV for scanning and automatic data extraction, further boosting your chances for selection.

Practical CV Writing

How long should a CV be? How many pages, words? Should I use bullet points, paragraphs or short sentences? There are no rules laid down on how to write the best CV. Each person, job role or industry has different standards as do automated scanning systems. BITE can assist you with writing your IT CV or Interim CV for your market sector, based on your skills, experience and type of jobs you’re going for. Don’t be miss led by other CV services that claim to have defined rules for all CVs. With BITE you have the opportunity to create a customised and optimised CV for your particular circumstances that really works! In particular IT contract CV’s have a specific style.

UK IT Contract CV’s and Interim CV

The UK job market is like no other, if you are thinking of looking for a job in the UK make sure you have a suitable CV – specifically made for the UK . Simple things such as calling it a CV instead of a Resume can make the difference in getting an interview or not. Give yourself the best possible chance of being selected and speed up your job search at the same time.

Careers Advice for IT Contractors and Interim Consultants

Once your CV is ready BITE can offer you training and further career advice, especially for the UK contracting market. This includes interview training (for phone and face-to-face interviews), specific career advice to progress your contracting career plus specific job search advice, plus general individual assistance with visas, accommodation etc…


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No Job no Training costs guarantee disclaimer: Under the 10 step job search program, we can’t help you get a job unless you regularly visit our offices, attend coaching and mentoring sessions, utilising the support provided to you. We work face to face with real people and you must work with us to help you. If then you don’t gain a job in the agreed time having attended the whole 10 step career coaching programme and used our job search database correctly we won’t charge you a penny and will refund the cost of any training you have undertaken that we have advised you to invest in!

The Three Day Marketing Personal Brand Plan does not carry a no job no training costs guarantee.

However If you purchase one of our training modules separately, attend and are not satisfied with it we will refund your money.

 BITE Compliance covers: IT Contracting London UK, IT Consulting London UK, IT Contract work London, IT contract Jobs London, Temporary IT work in London, Temporary IT Jobs in London, working with Freelance Interim Consultants for professional jobs and IR35 and Limited company or PSC Compliance services.

BITE also offers: Contractor marketing and advertising services, CV Marketing services,  with how to write an IT Contract CV to produce a Killer contract CV with, IT CV templates and IT CV examples. Your Jobsearch in our London office provides access to the hidden contract job market, career coaching for contractors, and contractor career management services .

For on line remote Job search help try: BITE Consulting TV at only £14.95 per month

BITE is not a visa or employment agency.