Are there are IT Agencies & other specialists in the UK!

Yes some agencies will specialise in IT other geographically or vertically by industry, sector / domain and others will niche into say project management. Over 80% of professional jobs now go through agencies in the UK and London.Our job search app and our job board can help you find the right agencies to help you. Generally we’d recommend REC members we know or APSCO affiliated agencies.

See our employment guide and our BITE JOB BOARD with over 20,000 jobs via many agencies

Here at BITE we are a specialist Career Management Consultancy for contractors and freelancers with good links with hundreds of prospective agencies and companies who can help. BITE  provides all of our client Contractors and freelancers with a number one service, all of our team are specialists from within the industry so we have a broad background of expertise.Our specialist BITE Jobs phone app and mobile Job seeker portal and mobile marketing sites provide you with the tools you need to gain a contract job. If your not in the IT Industry try the agency REED or Indeed for information.


No Job no Training costs guarantee disclaimer: Under the 10 step job search program, we can’t help you get a job unless you regularly visit our offices, attend coaching and mentoring sessions, utilising the support provided to you. We work face to face with real people and you must work with us to help you. If then you don’t gain a job in the agreed time having attended the whole 10 step career coaching programme and used our job search database correctly we won’t charge you a penny and will refund the cost of any training you have undertaken that we have advised you to invest in!

The Three Day CV Marketing Personal Brand Plan does not carry a no job no fee guarantee.

However If you purchase one of our training modules separately, attend and are not satisfied with it we will refund your money.BITE Compliance covers: IT Contracting London UK, IT Consulting London UK, IT Contract work London, IT contract Jobs London, Temporary IT work in London, Temporary IT Jobs in London, working with Freelance Interim Consultants for professional jobs and IR35 and Limited company or PSC Compliance services.

BITE also offers: Contractor marketing and advertising services, CV Marketing services,  with how to write an IT Contract CV to produce a Killer contract CV with, IT CV templates and IT CV examples. Your Jobsearch in our London office provides access to the hidden contract job market, career coaching for contractors, and contractor career management services .

BITE is not a visa or employment agency.