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Writing a CV isn’t always the easiest of jobs, but the time, effort and care you put into it is vital and can really effect your chances of gaining a job. As we all know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a job in the UK, but this is where BITE can help you. We have put together a few hints and tips for you to ensure you have the best chances when searching and applying for IT Contract Jobs.

Stand out from the crowd…

When putting together your CV you have to remember you are not the only person who will be applying for this job. In fact, there will be many others who want exactly the same thing as you. So what should you do? Make sure your CV is the best! Clearly produce a personal statement or profile that is 2-3 paragraphs long and clearly states who you are the skills and experience you have and what you seek in your next job all in less than 45 seconds reading! Employers don’t want to be bored reading through your CV, imagine how many they have to read. So make sure yours stands out, catch their attention and engage them so they want to read more. Make them interested in you. That way, you won’t be finding your CV in the bin after the first paragraph!

Be truthful…

You want your CV to be the very best right? So maybe its a good idea to over exaggerate a tiny little bit, add extra things on and maybe even include a few little lies to make you look better. After all they will never find out will they? Well stop, think again. Being truthful in your CV is very important. Imagine if you do succeed and get an interview, and the questions start rolling in about all these amazing things you have claimed to have done. Awkward? I think so. Don’t forget, Employer’s do their research before they employ anybody, and it wouldn’t be a great start to work getting caught out as a liar. You don’t need to lie, I’m sure you have enough great things to fill your CV up with, without adding on the extra’s.

Update your Social Media… 

We mentioned that employers do their research, so it is really important that your Online CV (I.E. your Social Profiles) are up to date and not embarrassing. Remove those photos of you playing drinking games, remove the comments you have made about colleagues at previous jobs. If your prospective employer sees something they do not like on your Social Profiles, chances are you wont get to interview stage. It is vital that you have a LinkedIn profile and that your profile reflects your CV and does not contradict it.

Personal recommendations are a good idea…

To make you stand out even more, it is important to include a personal recommendation? That way Employer’s get the option to not just take your word for it, but get to see how other people view you. I’m sure you have someone willing to write all the fantastic stuff about you, and that will make you look even more better.

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