Free Candidate Sourcing Service – of Contractors for Agents

BITE Compliance Services may have Limited company contractors ready to fill your vacancies. BITE uses its network of overseas contacts to channel IT & Accountancy, Banking & Finance Contractors to meet your contract recruitment (client) needs. We source “Compliant Contractors” for your client’s requirements for free, acting as their limited company or training provider as well as providing international relocation services.We also provide agency indemnities against  liabilities under recent financial intermediaries legislation and will assist in advising public sector clients on IR35 and the availability of limited company contractors post April 2017 and 2020.

Free Resourcing Service for Agents

  • Researched from our database
  • Chosen from our monthly influx of overseas contractors
  • Searched to order
  • Advertised for to simultaneously double the pull of your adverts.
  • We retain our own ad agency and internet advertising resource. We can advertise in ours, yours or the end client’s name.

Sourcing and International relocation are BITE priorities. This enables us to provide you Limited company candidates effectively without there being a conflict of interest.

Do you obtain requirements you cannot quickly fill?

  • All candidates are referenced and skills and experience checked in their country of origin by our Associate’s staff.
  • Candidates are re-interviewed on entry into the UK. This helps ensure a quality service and saves you time.
  • Our candidate contractor’s are charged out at the going rate for the job and no additional fees are levied beyond this. We spend the time chasing them and identifying whether and when they are available.
  • We provide a quote for each contractors rate or a single price for the job. Usually this can be agreed directly with the candidate contractor and then confirmed in a contract schedule This is invoiced at the end of each week or month. We have a  or letter of intent approach to charges which will fit with whatever is agreed with your company decision makers.
  • A cost-effective service is provided to save your consultants time and allow them to concentrate on developing existing and new clients. Hence making more placements.