AWR Compliant Sourcing Services for Agencies

Agency Resourcing Services- Post Agency Worker Regulations October 2011

Would you benefit from the free sourcing of contractors that are outside the scope of the AWR with a full indemnity?

Many agencies will find collecting the re-numeration and benefit information and passing it on to their contractors a very resource hungry and expensive operation. However if you engage contractors who fall outside of the scope of the AWR then this can have a large benefit saving time and money for your agency. BITE can supply you with staff either as fulltime PAYE employees or as Directors of Limited companies opted out of the Conduct regulations and completely outside the scope of the AWR

BITE Compliance is a unique Career Management Consultancy for Contractors operating as a Ltd. Company supplier of contractors  providing a range of services for contractors and agencies either outside the scope of the AWR or within the AWR where we help manage the compliance.

1. Our Contractor Free Resourcing Service concentrates on a three way partnership between the contractor, the agency and BITE.We accepts ‘engagements’ on behalf of the consultant/contractor accepting the agency contract and then engage the contractor through a suitable contract with BITE depending on the status of the contractor that will place them outside the AWR as an opted out limited company contractor or a full time consultant who is not subject to Direction Supervision or control and not a temporary worker under article 10..

 2.BITE’s PAYE MPP  match pay employment contract observes the requirements of the AWR and we check pay and benefits against AWR requirements.We pays them between assignments providing a major benefit but do not allow travel to and from work and subsistence expenses.The legal requirement is to pay after 12 weeks work  50% of their pay while they seek their next assignment supported by BITE. Any limited company contractors are engaged as opted out contractors who will be typically engaged on a contract outside of IR35 and independently assessed as to its status on each engagement.

We provide a ‘safety net’ for the contractor and indemnify the agency against any AWR liability generated through engaging any of our PAYE Contractors or Consultants.   Copies of our employment contracts can be provided if required and our contractor portal can record for approval any agency compliance questionnaires or documents.

3. Our training and testing services provide the career development opportunities for contractors and consultants and a clear USP to attract the ‘very best’ contractors.

All contractors/consultants are all individually met, interviewed, trained and referenced and have a high level of client facing/interview skills helping to secure that valuable placement

BITE operates as a niche provider of quality contractors for agencies and will reduce the administrative burden for agencies.

Agency Indemnity for the Supply of Consultants/Contractors

                                            (BITE Compliance Services Ltd)

 1.   The Consultancy shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Employment Business (or as the case may be, the Client) against any losses the Employment Business (or the Client) may suffer or incur as a result of any claim made by or on behalf of any member of the consultancy staff under the Agency Workers Regulations.

2.    The Consultant and the Consultancy Staff providing consulting services have agreed to opt out of the conduct regulations and have signed an agreement to that effect and as such understand that none of the conduct regulations apply to the assignment.    Further the consultancy warrants that it will only supply staff to perform the consultancy services who have opted out of the conduct regulations and further that any person whom the performance of the consultancy services are assigned or sub-contracted has opted out of the regulations.

The consultancy is not a managed service company as defined in section 613 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 and therefore does not expose the agency or end client to any debt transfer risk.