How are Agencies and BITE working together post Financial Intermediaries & managing IR35 to be compliant?

 BITE Contractors Ltd.(or its sister companies) are not an agency or competitor to agencies, we offer help ensure contractors stay compliant notably with PSC’s and IR35 providing payroll PAYE employment where needed and compliant advice to the public sector contract market plus the use of our compliant portal!

1.BITE Compliance assists through training IT Contractors, Accountancy, finance and Banking contractors and Interim’s to hone their consultancy and client skills,establish their personal brand and learn to market and advertise their services. Candidates using BITE’s coaching and mentoring services gain interviews quickly and close interviews successfully gaining the job they or an agency pitch them for! This helps the people we train and coach gain a job or contract assignment quickly, helping both the candidate and the agency!

2.BITE Contractors Ltd acts as a Marketing Agent and Compliance Manager for professional Limited company contractors!

Marketing: BITE assists in their marketing and personal branding, helping to develop their career similarly to an actor or footballers agent.It uses the expertise to ensure Contractors gain the very best opportunities whilst fully understanding how to grow and develop their skills in an ever changing marketplace!

Compliance: A big part of what we do is assist in Limited company PSC compliance  and understanding their status against IR35 and the financial intermediaries legislation. Many contractors working in the public sector now (post April 2017) have to work as a PAYE temporary worker paying full tax and N.I. IR35 status is now critical to the viability of contractors working through a limited company in the private sector too!

3.PCS Compliance – Our accountants help set up Limited company contractors (PSC) ensuring that they are compliant by insisting any contractor wishing to use a PSC is advised through an independent firm of qualified accountants and is therefore fully compliant as a Director and shareholder with a material interest. They ensure each Limited company contractor use their Contractor compliancy portal and are independently assessed as to whether they are working inside or outside of IR35 (this is particularly important in the public sector at the moment) and those caught by IR35 ARE OFFERED A COMPLIMENTARY PAYROLL SERVICE. PSC guide

BITE Contractors Ltd.provides free PAYE supply Services (formally known as umbrella) to its member contractors with a fully compliant audited Professional Passport audited process. PAYE Umbrella  BITE’s temporary workers are engages on Match Pay contracts and meeting the AWR requirements. BITE also indemnifies agencies against liability under the AWR. 

Our agency compliancy service will handle IF REQUESTED an agency’s complete PSC portfoilio placing itself as the primary intermediary responsible for IR35 assesment and managing PAYE deductions where necessary indemnifying the agency of any IR35/PAYE liability.

So how does it work?

By agreeing a contract with BITE any agency automatically obtains BITE as a partner to assist in the compliance of its contractors.

AWR 2011

From April 2011 new legislation provides agency workers the entitlement to the same or no less favourable treatment with respect to basic employment and working conditions, if and when they complete a 12 week qualifying period . The legislation does not greatly affect well paid contract professionals either; employed PAYE permanently by a consultancy and paid between assignments” Article 10” or engaged through a Personal Service Company (PSC or TLC) that has opted out and is either operating outside IR35 or operating a PAYE payroll.Working with full time BITE Consultants or opted out Limited company contractors does reduce the amount of red tape administration considerably for agencies!


Candidate Sourcing

How we can find IT & Accountancy contractors ( public sector friendly ) and channel them to you for free, using a network of global associates.

Quality and Standard

All BITE contractors and their CV’s are examined along with reference and certification checks.

Priority Search

Planned help sourcing contractors for free. Need help sourcing good contractors? We can help on an ad hoc basis to find and resource key staff.

Agency Briefing

We are specialists at dealing with IT & Accountancy and Finance Contractors who wish to be employed as a consultant or contract via an umbrella or limited company.

Request Staff

Fill in the online form, detailing exactly which type of contractor you are looking for. A fast way to fill your vacancies.

Umbrella Company Service (PAYE supply)

For IT & Accountancy and Finance Contractors in the UK, Bite offers a PAYE Swedish Derogation employment Service, and a fantastic relocation service for new arrivals.


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BITE Compliance covers: IT Contracting London UK, IT Consulting London UK, IT Contract work London, IT contract Jobs London, Temporary IT work in London, Temporary IT Jobs in London, working with Freelance Interim Consultants for professional jobs and IR35 and Limited company or PSC Compliance services.

BITE also offers: Contractor marketing and advertising services, CV Marketing services, with how to write an IT Contract CV to produce a Killer contract CV with, IT CV templates and IT CV examples. Your Jobsearch in our London office provides access to the hidden contract job market, career coaching for contractors, and contractor career management services .

BITE is not a visa or employment agency,nor accountant or tax adviser!